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Math Practice App for

Middle School & High School Kids

American Math Prep (Grades 6-10)

Learn Math in a fun, personalized way,

take daily practice tests &

improve your scores.

Why Us


Commit to practice!

Just about 20 minutes

a day can make wonders



Get Training.

Learn & improve with

guidance & expert solutions



Track your progress.

Charts to view your strengths

& weak areas



Have fun! Improve your

scores & get an edge in

college admission prep

How American Math Prep Works for Kids

American Math Prep (AMP 6-10) is an App that uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning techniques to personalize learning. It works on all major iPhone (iOS) and Android phones.
Using AMP 6-10 is easy!

  1. You download the App from Apple App Store for iPhone or from Google Play Store (Android)

  2. Create your account. On first sign in, start with a "Diagnostic Quiz" to assess your initial level

  3. Thereafter, practice Math with the App for 15 to 30 minutes every day. That's it!

You can practice a quiz of 3 to 10 problems every other day, plus get coaching. You can see your scores, get guidance, see model solutions etc. Track how you've improved over time & across subjects.

With regular practice, you will develop intuition, solve harder problems & see a big improvement in your test scores! Rock that Math Club and be better prepared for college admissions!

How It Works

Kids, parents & teachers - All love AMP 6-10!


“I love how the quizzes build up from simple problems to very interesting & challenging. Within months, I'm solving really tough problems! I'm now much better prepared for my AMC 8 Test”

Student from Grade 8


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American Math Prep (Grades 6-10)

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