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  • What is American Math Prep (Grades 6-10) by Brighter Bee?
    American Math Prep Grades 6-10 - (AMP 6-10) is a Mobile App intended to be used by Middle and High School students for improving their problem solving skills & their scores in competitive Math exams. As part of the App subscriptions, you will learn problem solving skills & improve your speed and accuracy. There are three parts to AMP 6-10: 1. Test: You will receive multiple quizzes with Math problems on a regular basis. The test frequency depends on the membership level (see the questions regarding BASIC & PREMIUM memberships). The problems are carefully chosen to take you from the basic to the most complex over time. 2. Train: After you try the problems yourself, you will learn how to solve the problems by looking at answers & model solutions which explain the concepts and problem solving techniques. 3. Track: Charts, graphs & results table will help you understand how you are performing over time. You will also understand which areas you're good at and which topics need more work.
  • Do I need a login for using the App? Why do you need a login?
    Yes, you need a create a login account with Brighter Bee app to use the AMP 6-10 App. If you are under 13, we strongly recommend that you ask your parent's or guardian's consent to usethe App. Also, please ask them to put in the information for you.The login account is needed because we want to you to be able to take different tests, track theperformance over time & get personalized tests and coaching. These functionalities do not workwithout us know who is using the App.
  • What permissions does the app ask for?
    Please check the mobile app store and our privacy policy for specific & comprehensive details on what data we collect and how we use it. Bottom line is that we do not sell your data to any external parties.
  • What is available with the BASIC (free) membership?
    BASIC (free) membership provides you with a new test every week or so. These BASIC tests include topic focused quizzes as well as miscellaneous quizzes covering multiple topics. However, the BASIC tests do not comprehensively cover all important topics or levels of difficulty. We recommend BASIC membership if you want to get an overview of what type and levels of problems appear in middle and high school level Math competitions. The BASIC membership is an excellent way to get an overview and sharpen your skills.
  • What is available with the PREMIUM (paid) membership?
    PREMIUM (paid) membership provides you with multiple new tests every week. These PREMIUM tests include all BASIC quizzes, and also additional topic focused quizzes as well as miscellaneous quizzes covering multiple topics. PREMIUM tests comprehensively cover important topics required for most top middle and high school level and cover different levels of difficulty. We recommend PREMIUM membership if you are focused on doing well at school, state and national level Math competitions. PREMIUM membership also prepares you well for college admission tests.
  • How does it work? How many quizzes and questions should I expect?
    PREMIUM membership typically provides 3-4 tests every week. Once you solve a quiz and submit your solutions, you will receive the next quiz in about 48 hrs or so. Please come back and check the App in a day or two for the next quiz. Most initial 'STANDARD' quizzes one specific topic, such as Number Theory, Probability, etc. The problems usually cover different problem types & concepts. Over time, these quizzes become more difficult and cover interesting problems. Every 15 days, we provide longer quizzes that cover multiple topics and concepts.
  • What are the scoring rules for the quizzes?
    Scoring rules are simple and are based on common rules & policies found in Middle School Math competions. 1. Each quiz has a few Math problems. Typically, STANDARD quizzes have 3-7 problems and longer WEEKLY or MONTHLY quizzes can have 10-20 problems. 2. Quiz problems are all multiple choice problems. Each problem will typically have five options presented on different buttons. Only one of these options is correct. 3. You should press the button corresponding to the correct answer. Once you select an answer, you can go back (or forward) to the problem using the slider bar at the top. 4. You can answer the problem by selecting the option you think is the correct answer, or you can "Skip" the problem by clicking the "Skip" button at the bottom. 5. For each correct answer, you get 6 points. For each unanswered question, you get 1.5 points. You get zero points for every incorrect answer. 6. Figures, angles and geometry diagrams in both questions and model answers are not drawn to scale.
  • Is there a timer for each question? How does timing work?
    Each problem is expected to be solved in about 2-3 minutes. Some problems may take longer or shorter, but the average time should be about under 3 minutes if you've understood the topic and have some problem solving practice. We do not time you on most quizzes. Only a few practice quizzes every quarter will have timers and limits. However, you should try and target solving each problem in under 3 minutes when you practice them.
  • How can I train myself & improve my performance?
    After you solve the quiz, you will be presented with your score. We also record the scores for all your quizzes. Quizzes are scored every time, we only the performance at first attempt is recorded. After taking the quiz, you can go to the "Training" mode. In Training mode, you go through the same quiz again, but this time you have assistance - Hints: For each problem, you can ask for a hint. Hints typically tell you the underlying concepts. Hints are a general directional aid and not the solution. Step by Step Solutions: For each problem, you can also ask for one step of the solution. Solutions are provided in small parts so you can understand the solution. We recommend that for the problems that couldn't solve (or the problems you find hard), you first get a hint and try to solve the problems again with the help of a hint. If you cannot solve it, then ask for only one step of the solution and try again. Only if you don't get it, ask for the next step. Following the above-mentioned process is really important for developing the "problem solving muscle" that will help you in real tests.
  • How can I track my performance in these quizzes?
    1. Your dashboard shows you the total number of quizzes and problems solved. It also highlights your performance in the last quiz you solved. 2. Dashboard also shows you a summary of your performance by topic over the last 7 days. 3. You can click on the dashboard performance tiles or on the "Track" menu bar option to go the charts depicting your performance. There are 2 charts to help you see how you performed: 4. Performance over time – The bar chart shows your performance over the last 6 weeks. It shows you how many total problems you solved and how many of these you got right. The table below shows you the total number of quizzes problems you solved & the number (and percentage) you got right by date. The data in the table covers all tests you attempted. 5. Performance by topic – The pie chart shows your performance in different topics over the last 6 weeks. It shows you how many total problems you solved and how many of these you got right in each of the topic areas such as Number Theory, Geometry, etc. The table below shows you the total number of problems you solved & the number (and percentage) you got right for each topic. The data in the table covers all tests you attempted.
  • What are my subscription options & pricing? Can I try the App before I start paying?
    Subscription options and pricing may be specific to the store you purchase from. Please click on Account details link (under menu) to see your current subscription details as well as the product subscription options available to you. We may provide a "Free limited time trial" option for the app. During this time, you have full access to the app, including all PREMIUM features, for a short time so you an experience the app before you purchase the subscription.
  • I cannot afford the subscription. Do you have any discounts for students like me?
    If you have financial hardships but are a keen Math student, we can offer you discounted membership fees. Please contact us on the website or the app with your specific situation.
  • Do you allow for cancellation of subscription and provide refunds?
    The cancellation & refund policy are determined by the store you purchase from. Please check the policy pages on the store for details.
  • I think the problem or the solution provided are incorrect or sub-optimal. Or I have a better solution to the problem. Where can I report such issues?
    Please click on "Contact Us" link and send us your feedback. Or send us an email at We welcome & appreciate your corrections & suggestions for improvement & also reward the ones that are specifically helpful to us.
  • Where can I report the Account / Billing / Technical / Other issues?
    Please click on "Contact Us" link, choose the right issue type and send us the details. Or send us an email at We welcome your inputs.
  • Where can I submit other feedback?
    Please review the app on the store. You can also click on "Feedback" link in the menu options and send us your ratings, comments and suggestions. You can also send us an email at We welcome your feedback and other inputs.
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